Since 2001 Pete Ewing has been writing and performing his own music.

From front bars and band rooms in Melbourne to shows and festivals across the States and Europe. Some gigs amazing and some have been the kind where you get asked to turn the amp down so the only two people in the bar can listen to the call of Race 6 at Randwick. Sometimes you’re even paid to stop playing and politely told to fuck off by the same person that booked you.
Pete knows that moment but he also knows the moment when someone goes out of their way to say thanks for a song, or how an audience of one can be as fulfilling as With a Band,  a choir, or just plain solo, music has taken him everywhere in every form.

Recording and performing music with musicians such as
Mike Viola (Ryan Adam’s, Candy Butchers), Jason Boesel (Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley) and featuring on compilations
(Just Music, 2012) with the likes of Paul Kelly, Pete has been recognised as a talented songwriter with a voice that is his own.
He has composed music for the iconic Sesame Street (H is for Home) and many other commercials & TV shows (Neighbors) and has made countless guest appearances over the years and ongoing on 3RRR (a radio staple for Melbournes music lovers) with the JVG Radio Method. - Listen here.
2005 thru 2015 saw Pete play in venues all up and down the East Coast of Australia, stretching the whole drive on the Nulibor highway for shows in the West and become part of the furniture playing around countless bars and pubs across the likes of Fitzroy, Brunswick, Northcote and in town.
This was not always to his advantage and like so many others, the night life enjoyed saw many plans made but rarely seen through.
With Help from Andrew McGee and his label Torn & Frayed (James McCann, Dirty Three, Roller One) & a host of amazing Melbourne musicians (Darcy Grigg JJ McCann, Fergus McAlpin, Ben Salter to name a *few) his projects have seen the light of day, tours have been taken, and shows have been played.
One such tour was a trip to Austin for SXSW in 2015.
It was during this tour and after a strong run of shows that Pete handed his music into PAXAM - a Label based in LA and owned by Ryan Adams.
Adam’s Guitarist and producer Mike Viola heard the songs and played them to Adam’s. Both men loving what they heard.
By this time Pete was  already back in Australia. Viola called Pete’s Bass player and the wheels were in motion for a release of some sort.

Plans were made for a studio in Nashville and pre production in Melbourne.
Ryan Adam’s world tour meant Viola could commence pre production in St Kilda during the Bands stay.
With all that out of the way the recording in Nashville was booked in and Pete’s fresh band was rehearsing working up the songs.
Afinal show in Collingwood at the Gasometer (READ REVIEW), before flying out, saw Pete and his band getting set for something pretty special.
Pete Flew out a few days before the rest of the band but his luck took a turn at US customs in LA when he admitted to smoking weed (this was in contradiction to the box he ticked no on in the Visa application.
This small slip of the tongue sent Pete straight home to Melbourne on the next flight.
The shows booked (Americana Festival) and funding from sounds Australia ($20K)was all voided, the recording sessions were cancelled and Pete’s entry into America was indefinitely banned.

These are the moments when you just have to laugh, then cry, then say shit happens.
Needless to say the Album and all its attachments did not eventuate and Pete’s very understanding new band never got to the studio.
It was Jody Stephens (Big Star), who having heard of the debacle wrote to his congressman Steve Cohen.
Steve was a huge Big Star fan and contacted Pete to arrange a letter of recommendation to have his ban lifted.
This alongside plans from Mike Viola to record and produce an album saw Pete gain entry to the states almost 2 years after the whole mess.
This time Pete walked through customs and got settled in LA.

New town, no band, no deal...
It was a lot of good will, a bit of patience and new city in 2017 where Pete recorded his album “What You Wanted”, produced by Mike who by this stage was working for Universal Music.
Upon finishing the record Pete decided to stay in the states, with LA’s endless summer and  abundant musical possibilities, it was an easy decision.
Whilst in LA Pete lived with Fatlip from seminal 90s hip hop group the “Pharcyde”.
During this time his now partner Sophia, a hip hop promoter persuaded Pete to produce music he’d never had much to do with.
Sophia quickly brought a who’s who of LA’s hip hop scene (tribe called quest, Mika d, longevity) along with up and comers to Pete’s studio.
Pete’s skills behind the desk were an unexpected match for the rhymes coming from behind the mic.
In all that wonderful chaos, Pete was still writing and performing around the city as a singer songwriter.
Releasing a Lo-fi solo album in 2019 called “Swimming Lessons” and then a more electronic album in 2020 titled “I thought I saw you at a 711”.
A world Pandemic saw Pete & Sophia head to Germany for 18months with further recordings and shows around East Germany.
Now back in Melbourne, Pete is putting production ideas together for a batch of songs that are ready to record.

Music hasn’t bought Pete a house, but it’s always provided a bed, some food and a few beers. Across continents, no matter the language, culture or genre. Births, deaths, marriage, divorce, I’ll fated trips, glorious triumphs, petty squabbles, small victories, all manner of expression in song or spoken word and sometimes without…

We hope you enjoy the music
there’s more to come! 

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