What You Wanted   
Recorded & Produced by Mike Viola,
assisted by Jason Boesel
at Bare Bones Studios In Echo Park 2018
except for -
Hello Heartbreak, recorded in Melbourne 2017
All songs written by Pete Ewing
Bad Things - co-written with Darcy Grigg
Pete Ewing - Vocals, Guitars

Mike Viola - Guitars, Bass, Keys Backing Vocals
Jason Boesel - Drums, Percussion, Ukulele
and Backing Vocals

Driver Error
Recorded and Produced By Andrew McGee -
Torn & Frayed at Empty Room Studios
Nagambie, Victoria, Australia in 2016

Swimming Lessons
Recorded at Empty Room Studio, Nagambie
Released January 15, 2021
Words & Music - Pete Ewing
Produced by Ryan Nelson,
James McCann & Andrew McGee
Guitars & Vox - Pete Ewing
Guitars & Thumb Piano - James McCann
Viola - Jason Bunn
Percussion - Ryan Nelson

I Thought I Saw You At A 711
Released May 2, 2020
Produced & recorded & mixed by Pete Ewing
at Attic Studios in Echo Park, CA.
This record is made available by
"Passive Smoking" productions
Album artwork & Photography by Sophia Schlecht
Special Thanks to the following
Sophia Schlecht, Coto, Nicholas Page, Brian,
Phylo & Nelson Yuuman, B-Rad, Patrick Holland,
Choice Sam Kempner, & Longevity

Texting Late
All songs written and performed by Pete Ewing
Recorded at some joint in Brunswick
and 761 Kitchen.
Thanks Levi for late night drums, Georgie for late
night piano and vocal, Kelsey for early morning
piano and vocal, Coach (Ryan Nelson)
for working the desk on a few songs and being
an all round awesome bloke!

Pete Ewing  (Self Titled)
Words & Music by Pete Ewing
recorded @ Sing Sing studios in Richmond 2007
Produced by Dale McMahon - Stormboy Music

Haven’t Met Her Yet
Recorded at Bare Bones Studio LA, 2017
A basic demo recorded by Mike Viola

2019 Mixtape 
All songs written & produced by Pete Ewing.
Except -
Things will get better by June Skye,
Nodding by Longevity & Pete Ewing,
Century by Phylo & Pete Ewing,
Left Right Left by Choice & Pete Ewing
Over The Rainbow by Phylo
Thanks to Coto for his Bass playing
& overall beautiful vibes

Easily Corruptible - mixtape Songs, samples, beats, acoustic, electric,
complete thoughts, half ideas, working titles,
lazy refrains, lots of words, not so many words, no words...
Easily Corruptible is a relaxed invitation from me to you
SIDE A - acoustic and vocal. dog sits on couch listening
SIDE B - Dog leaves. acoustic put away. sampler comes out
Easily Corruptible also comes with a download code for
"What You Wanted" 2018 LP.
(Only available with purchase of cassette)